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Argentina's meatless Mondays
19 October 2017 - The introduction of meatless Mondays to the presidential palace adds Argentina to the list of countries investigating ways to limit meat consumption. Portugal passed a law this year requiring a vegan option at public institutions. Researchers at Oxford University found that pricing food according to its climate impact could prevent more than half a million early deaths every year, largely in Europe, the United States, Australia, and China. And surveys show that measures restricting meat consumption could be accepted by the public if justified in their interest. (more)

China's pollution clean-up is gaining momentum
17 October 2017 - In pockets of China's industrial heartland, a government push to clean up the environment and cut excess output is starting to bite: Furnaces have gone cold, the lights have been switched off, migrant workers are drifting back home. For China's leadership, cleaning the noxious skies and filthy rivers has become a priority. In contrast to previous leaders' growth-at-all-costs approach, President Xi Jinping and his Premier have declared war on pollution. (more)

Virtual interviewer prods veterans to reveal post-traumatic stress
12 October 2017 - Talking to a computer-generated interviewer named Ellie appears to free soldiers and veterans who served in war zones to disclose symptoms of post-traumatic stress, a new study finds. 'We believe this could be of value to veterans,' said study leader Gale Lucas, at the University of Southern California's Institute for Creative Technologies in Los Angeles. (more)

More evidence that even a little exercise is good for your heart
27 September 2017 - People with heart disease who are sedentary most of the time may be able to improve their survival odds by getting just a little bit of exercise, a recent study suggests. Researchers examined data from 39 countries on 15,486 older adults with heart disease ... The most pronounced gains in survival odds would occur for people who went from getting little or no exercise to getting even small amounts of mild activity like yoga, strolling, or light housework, the study found. (more)

Switzerland: Nations meet in Geneva to make mercury history
25 September 2017 - Signatories to the first global treaty to rein in mercury pollution are gathered in Geneva this week to discuss how to seek further progress. Switzerland, a trader of mercury, is mulling over how to implement the convention. Mercury is a highly toxic heavy metal considered by the World Health Organization to be one of the top ten chemicals of major public health concern. (more)

UK organic food sales on track to hit record levels
25 September 2017 - Fresh produce, dairy, and processed foods are fuelling organic sales in the UK, as they are tipped to exceed a record British Pound Sterling 2.2bn (euros 2.5bn) by the end of the year. The figures were presented at an annual trade briefing held by certifying body, The Soil Association, in London last week. According to market research company Kantar Worldpanel, the UK's organic market has grown 6.3 per cent between August 2016 and August 2017. (more)

Why India's farmers want to conserve indigenous heirloom rice
24 September 2017 - The Koraput region in the state of Odisha in India's east was historically among the world's leading areas of rice diversification. In the 1950s, an official survey found farmers here growing more than 1,700 different rice varieties. Now, more than 1,400 farmers in the region are at the heart of a movement to safeguard what remains of this genetic wealth. (more)

Get up, stand up: including exercise in everyday life healthier than gym, says study
21 September 2017 - Taking the stairs and getting off the bus a stop early are more likely to protect against heart disease and early death than working out, research shows. Incorporating physical activity into our everyday lives ... is more likely to protect us from heart disease and an early death than buying a gym membership, according to the author of a major new global study. The study, published in the Lancet medical journal, found that one in 20 cases of heart disease and one in 12 premature deaths around the globe could be prevented if people were more physically active. The authors found that the more physically active people were, the lower their risk of heart disease or an early death. (more)

Netherlands: If you build it, the Dutch will pedal
6 September 2017 - Utrecht, with 330,000 residents, is the Netherlands' fourth-largest and fastest-growing city. It is also one of the most bike-friendly places in one of the world's most bike-friendly countries. Elsewhere in the Netherlands, more than a quarter of all trips are made by bicycle, and the federal government has been building up the country's bike infrastructure over the last decade, despite cuts in other sectors. (more)

Pollution levels in Bolivia plummet on nationwide car-free day
4 September 2017 - Air pollution levels have plunged in cities across Bolivia as the country marked a nationwide car-free day in which all non-emergency vehicles were banned from city streets. The car-free event started 18 years ago in Cochabamba, one of Latin America's five most polluted cities, and has gradually taken root across the country. By 2011, it had become so popular that Bolivia's legislature declared a yearly 'Day of the Pedestrian and Cyclist in Defence of Mother Earth.' (more)

Success of Maharishi's Programmes
10 Short Summaries of Top Stories

How these celebrities are helping veterans in a unique way
17 September 2017 - Veterans who battle post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) have a tough go of it. Now, some celebrities - Tom Hanks, Mary-Louise Parker, and Kyle MacLachlan - are stepping up and participating in an October event to help our bravest deal with their afflictions. The benefit is being put on by the David Lynch Foundation - which is headed by filmmaker David Lynch, whose television show 'Twin Peaks' recently wrapped airing its third season on Showtime. All three actors will speak about Transcendental Meditation and how vital it's been to their successes, both personally and professionally. The goal of the event: to raise enough money to teach it to 1,000 veterans. (more)

Corporate Wellness Magazine features Transcendental Meditation in best practices to reduce employee stress, boost productivity
14 September 2017 - Corporate Wellness Magazine recently published a story on six key ways to reduce employee stress while maintaining efficiency. They report, 'Meditation has been proven to be one of the most effective stress reduction techniques, and can also boost employee productivity by enabling them to remain calm under pressure. Transcendental Meditation, or ''TM'', has long been a perennial favorite of successful companies.' (more)

Ready, Set, Go: A mini manual for work re-entry
6 September 2017 - For women professionals, the prefrontal cortex - the 'CEO of the brain' - is 'our greatest resource, allowing for intuition, broad planning, and creative problem solving', write Vanessa Vidal and Janet Hoffman, national board members of TM for Women in the USA. 'To enliven its function is the best preparation for achievement, high performance and success. Transcendental Meditation has been shown repeatedly in peer reviewed published research studies to strengthen the prefrontal circuits (keeping our CEO online). This makes us more resilient, allowing us to withstand the high stress and fatigue that many of us encounter, meet challenges successfully and improve our health and happiness. Stress isn't pathological or destructive in the presence of a resilient response when the CEO of the brain is fully awake.' (more)

'Conversations about TM and Creativity': David Lynch Foundation to host October veterans benefit with Tom Hanks, Mary-Louise Parker
3 September 2017 - The David Lynch Foundation - Center for Veterans' Health announces its next gala benefit on 18 October in New York City: 'Change Begins Within Benefit Dinner and Conversation'. The event will feature award-winning actors Tom Hanks, Mary-Louise Parker, and Kyle MacLachlan, who will talk about the benefits of Transcendental Meditation for their health, creativity, acting, and life. The event is a benefit to bring Transcendental Meditation to veterans and active duty military with post-traumatic stress and traumatic brain injury. (more)

Nurses' health matters
1 September 2017 - Women become nurses with a genuine desire to help others, but the stress of the profession lowers their resilience and makes them vulnerable to compassion fatigue and burnout. By teaching nurses the Transcendental Meditation technique, TM for Nurses is building teams of resilient and fulfilled nurses in hospitals around the country. (more)

A new collaboration in the fight against Alzheimer's: The Bredesen Protocol and the TM technique
28 August 2017 - Dale Bredesen, MD, Professor of Neurology at UCLA and an internationally renowned expert on Alzheimer's, has just released a bestselling book, The End of Alzheimer's: The First Program to Prevent and Reverse Cognitive Decline. Dr. Bredesen documents the effects of a comprehensive treatment - known as the Bredesen Protocol - designed to prevent and reverse the effects of cognitive decline associated with Alzheimer's. Now, the Transcendental Meditation technique is being integrated into this protocol. This is based on published studies on TM showing improvements in neuro-plasticity and global brain wave (EEG) coherence, associated with improved cognitive performance, intelligence, and memory, as well as significant reductions in stress and anxiety. (more)

'If I had been doing TM all along, I would have been more calm and grounded'
20 August 2017 - 'Success is a journey, not a destination. I wish I had realized that sooner,' writes Michelle Henghold. 'More success usually equals more responsibility and when you don't have the tools to hit the reset button, toxic stress can take over your life.' As CEO of her husband's rapidly expanding surgical reconstruction practice, she watched as it 'sucked the life out of us. . . . I knew I needed to go inward more.' From her very first time practising Transcendental Meditation, she says, 'I went to a place that I had not been in many years. And there it was, waiting for me: peace.' She added, 'It's as natural and necessary as breathing and eating, and I will never not do it. . . . I believe that if I had been doing TM all along, I would have been more calm and grounded. I would have been able to fit in my family life and accomplish everything I wanted to do in a much more balanced way.' (more)

Seven amazing benefits of Transcendental Meditation: Self Thrive reports
14 August 2017 - Transcendental Meditation, often referred to as simply TM, or the TM technique, is practised by millions of people throughout the world, reports the publication Self Thrive. Derived from the ancient Indian Vedic tradition, the technique was brought to the USA in the 1960s by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Noting that over 380 peer-reviewed studies on the technique have been published in over 160 scientific journals, the article outlines some of the many benefits practising TM can bring to the individual, including stress relief, improved cardiovascular health, increased work productivity, and better quality of life. 'It seems that there's little doubt that Transcendental Meditation really can have a positive impact on our lives.' (more)

The best summer vacation, twice a day
31 July 2017 - 'Women everywhere are finding huge relief, just by taking two 20-minute vacations a day, right on their porch, their couch, their beach chair, or anywhere they happen to be,' says Janet Hoffman, executive director of TM for Women Professionals in the USA. She explains how Transcendental Meditation promotes deep relaxation and relieves stress, anxiety, and depression, and she outlines scientifically validated effects that 'will improve your health, energy, and stamina'. She adds, 'providing yourself with deep physical, mental, and emotional rest is a springboard for a more dynamic active successful life. So, our summer is a good time to re-boot for the return to work and school.' (more)

Transcendental Meditation, exercise, and therapy hold major depression at bay
26 July 2017 - Gayathri Ramprasad, founder and president of the nonprofit foundation ASHA International, is a dynamic mental health activist who owes her own recovery from depression to Transcendental Meditation, regular exercise, and therapy. She works tirelessly to help others on their journey out of depression. 'I started struggling with depression when I was 18,' says Ms Ramprasad, who was born in India and settled in Oregon. Originally unfamiliar with the term depression, she began learning as much as she could about her possible recovery. 'I have practised Transcendental Meditation for 25 years now, every morning of my life,' she says. 'It has completely transformed me. Slowly, I discovered that combining meditation with cognitive behavioral therapy and exercise, especially yoga, is effective in fighting my depression.' (more)

10 Short Summaries of Top Stories

Warning of 'ecological Armageddon' after dramatic plunge in insect numbers
19 October 2017 - The abundance of flying insects has plunged by three-quarters over the past 25 years, according to a new study that has shocked scientists. Insects are an integral part of life on Earth as both pollinators and prey for other wildlife and it was known that some species such as butterflies were declining. But the newly revealed scale of the losses to all insects has prompted warnings that the world is 'on course for ecological Armageddon', with profound impacts on human society. The new data was gathered in nature reserves across Germany but has implications for all landscapes dominated by agriculture, the researchers said. (more)

Puerto Rico struggles with massive environmental crisis
16 October 2017 - Raw sewage is pouring into the rivers and reservoirs of Puerto Rico in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria. People without running water bathe and wash their clothes in contaminated streams, and some islanders have been drinking water from condemned wells. Nearly a month after the hurricane made landfall, Puerto Rico is only beginning to come to grips with a massive environmental emergency that has no clear end in sight. (more)

Yemen cholera cases could hit 1 million by year-end: Red Cross
29 September 2017 - The humanitarian situation in Yemen is a 'catastrophe', and cholera cases could reach a million by the end of the year, the International Committee of the Red Cross said on Friday, 29 September. Warring parties in Yemen -- including the western-backed Saudi-led coalition -- are all using disproportionate force, leading to 'very excessive' civilian casualties, said Alexandre Faite, the head of the Red Cross delegation in Yemen. (more)

Scared, hungry, unkempt: how a slave looks in modern Britain
27 September 2017 - People who look unkempt, scared, or work without proper clothing might be the victim of slavery, Britain's anti-slavery body said on Wednesday. Slavery predominantly affects immigrants and vulnerable people, often working at car washes, nail salons, and farms, said the Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Authority (GLAA), as it launched a campaign to help the public identify trafficking. At least 13,000 people are estimated to be victims of modern slavery in Britain, but police say that figure is just the tip of an iceberg, with numbers rising countrywide. In August, police said slavery was more prevalent than previously thought, with gangs capitalising on a crime estimated to generate profits of $150 billion a year globally. (more)

One in five U.S. adolescents has sustained a concussion
26 September 2017 - Nearly 20 percent of American adolescents, or one in five, has suffered a concussion, according to newly released statistics. Boys and girls who played contact sports were the most vulnerable. Nearly one in three teen competitors in contact sports reported having had a concussion. The statistics, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, represent the first count of adolescent concussions in the U.S. The findings mirror those of a regional study of Canadian adolescents ... (more)

Britain: Portland prisoners 'developing drug problem in jail'
20 September 2017 - Prisoners have developed drug problems behind bars prompting a rise in violence at a jail, a report says. One in five inmates have a drug habit they did not have before their jail term began at HMP/YOI Portland, HM Inspectorate of Prisons (HMIP) found. It said violence was high against staff as well as inmates at the Dorset jail. (more)

One in four UK teenage girls 'depressed'
20 September 2017 - A quarter of girls and nearly one in 10 boys show signs of depression at the age of 14, say UK researchers. The findings come from more than 10,000 young people who shared their worries and emotions. Lead investigator Dr Praveetha Patalay, from Liverpool University, said teenagers, and particularly girls, were facing more mental health difficulties than previous generations. Half of all cases of adult mental illness start by the age of 14 . . . (more)

Dental work tied to heart infections in people with artificial valves
14 September 2017 - Invasive dental procedures may raise the risk of rare but serious infections in people who have prosthetic heart valves, a recent French study suggests. Some previous research has linked dental work to an increased risk of what's known as infective endocarditis -- infections of the heart valve or lining -- in people with prosthetic valves, but results have been mixed and inconclusive about whether antibiotics would prevent these infections. ...Patients who had invasive dental procedures were 66 percent more likely to develop these infections than people who didn't have invasive dental work, researchers report in The BMJ [formerly the British Medical Journal]. (more)

EU report on weedkiller safety copied text from Monsanto study
14 September 2017 - EU's food safety watchdog recommended that glyphosate was safe but pages of report were identical to application from pesticide maker. The European food safety authority (Efsa) based a recommendation that a chemical linked to cancer was safe for public use on an EU report that copied and pasted analyses from a Monsanto study, the Guardian can reveal. Franziska Achterberg, Greenpeace EU's food policy director, said: Whether this is a question of negligence or intent, it is completely unacceptable. It calls into question the entire EU pesticide approval process. If regulators rely on the industry's evaluation of the science without doing their own assessment, the decision whether pesticides are deemed safe or not is effectively in the industry's hands.' (more)

Poor diet is a factor in one in five deaths, global disease study reveals
14 September 2017 - Poor diet is a factor in one in five deaths around the world, according to the most comprehensive study ever carried out on the subject. The study, based at the Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington, compiles data from every country in the world and makes informed estimates where there are gaps. Five papers on life expectancy and the causes and risk factors of death and ill health have been published by the Lancet medical journal. It finds that people are living longer. Diet is the second highest risk factor for early death after smoking. ... (more)

Global Good News reviews the impact of Maharishi's Transcendental Meditation on health

Raising health standards is a global challenge which transcends national, racial, and gender boundaries. With rising health costs threatening the economies of even the wealthiest nations, medical news repeatedly demonstrates the urgent need for a prevention-oriented approach which looks beyond specific treatments for disease to promoting good health in a holistic way.

Current health news also illustrates the inextricable relationship between individual health and the collective health of society.

Global Good News presents health news for today that looks beyond the current fragmentary and incomplete approach to health care, highlighting positive health news based on approaches that incorporate holistic knowledge of Natural Law.

Global Good News focuses on positive health news in the fields of both individual and collective health, including health news articles relating to the programmes of the Global Country of World Peace. These scientifically-validated technologies derived from the world's most ancient and complete system of natural health care, have been revived in recent decades as Maharishi's Vedic Total Knowledge Based Approach to Health. These technologies include approaches to promoting good health for the mind, body, behaviour, and environment.

Recent health news on this comprehensive system centres on its unique technologies of consciousness—Maharishi's Transcendental Meditation and Transcendental Meditation Sidhi Programme. Scientific research on these techniques comprises more than 600 studies conducted at over 250 independent universities and research institutions in 33 countries. These studies demonstrate a wide range of benefits for individual and collective health, and have appeared in many leading, peer-reviewed journals.

For example, in recent years, a multi-centre medical research team in America has attracted grants totalling over $24 million, principally from the US National Institutes of Health, for research on Transcendental Meditation and prevention of cardiovascular disease. These investigations have been published in prestigious medical journals such as American Journal of Cardiology, Archives of Internal Medicine, American Journal of Hypertension, Stroke, and Hypertension. Results show that Transcendental Meditation leads to sustained reductions in high blood pressure comparable to those commonly found with medication, but without adverse side-effects.

These and other well-controlled studies further demonstrate that Transcendental Meditation reduces atherosclerosis ('hardening of the arteries'), improves cardiac functioning and well-being in people with heart disease, reduces mortality from cardiovascular disease and all causes, decreases hospital admissions and health care costs, reduces smoking and alcohol consumption, and improves psychological health and well-being in both children and adults, including elderly people.

A growing number of physicians worldwide recommend Transcendental Meditation to their patients. The website: sponsored by The American Association of Physicians Practicing the Transcendental Meditation Program', provides an opportunity to ask questions of leading doctors who utilize Transcendental Meditation in their clinical practice.

In offering these Vedic technologies to the world, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Founder of the Global Country of World Peace, has revolutionized our understanding of health and established development of higher states of consciousness as fundamental to the creation of perfect health.

In reporting on health news, Global Good News is pleased to note indications of growing interest in the applications of TM and the TM-Sidhi Programme among major health-care providers and policy makers.

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