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US: Three change-makers to receive Organic Leadership Awards
21 August 2017 - An organic trade advisor who has worked for decades to open the global world of organic and act as an important organic ambassador both domestically and internationally, an organic grape grower . . . with unwavering commitment to organic advocacy and community, and an unlikely entrepreneur who has built a booming business around sprouting organic flours and grains to start a new trend for the organic industry will each be honored with a 2017 Organic Trade Association Leadership Award. (more)

US: Breathing new life into old West Virginia mine site
20 August 2017 - A small plot of budding lavender overlooks a mostly barren, partly-reclaimed mountainside, contrasting the old and new. 'That's what it all used to look like before it was reclaimed,' Aaron Smith, of Charleston, said as he pointed to the mountainside. Smith started out as an intern and now works full-time for the Green Mining Model Business Program, which aims to turn the reclaimed area of the former Pritchard Mine site into 'purple mountains.' (more)

US: Tribes hope for renewal in solar eclipse; Navajos will not watch
19 August 2017 - While much of America gawks at the solar eclipse, Bobbieann Baldwin will be inside with her children, shades drawn. In Navajo culture, the passing of the moon over the sun is an intimate moment in which the sun is reborn and tribal members take time out for themselves. No talking. No eating or drinking.... Many American Indian tribes revere the sun and moon as cultural deities, great sources of power and giver of life. U.S. Bureau of Indian Education spokeswoman Nedra Darling said the agency's schools, most of which are on the Navajo Nation, were given the option of closing Monday. Navajo Nation employees have Monday off, and other schools on and off the reservation that extends into Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah earlier decided to close in respect of the culture that teaches that looking at the sun during an eclipse can be harmful not only to one's eyesight but for overall well-being. (more)

US: Once homeless, Iraq War veteran moves into unique new home (+ AP video)
18 August 2017 - A homeless Iraq war veteran in California has a unique place to finally call home. Vernon Poling moved into an apartment made of shipping containers. The complex built for homeless veterans is believed to be the first of its kind in the nation. 'There's been a couple nights that I've been surprised I've slept so long,' Poling said. 'It's a load off.' (more)

The Associated Press' guide to the best free online workouts
16 August 2017 - It's easy to get discouraged by the boutique fitness craze with $25 per class fees and the weekly chore of sitting by your computer to reserve a spot in that popular spin class that always sells out. It's often tempting to just skip it, so we rounded up our favorite free online workouts that you can do in your living room, at the office, in a park, or on vacation. (more)

US: Plan continues to rebuild trumpeter swan numbers in Montana
16 August 2017 - More trumpeter swans will be shipped to the Madison Valley throughout the next five years, as state wildlife officials continue to establish nesting pairs on a private ranch south of Ennis, Montana. The Bozeman Daily Chronicle reported ( ) Wednesday that market hunters decimated the trumpeter swan population in the region by the early 20th century, but conservation efforts have brought the birds back. (more)

US: Trumpeter swan reintroduction to continue in Madison Valley, Montana
16 August 2017 - More trumpeter swans will be shipped to the Madison Valley over the next five years as state wildlife officials continue trying to establish nesting pairs on a private ranch south of Ennis. Jeff Laszlo, the owner of the ranch, said there is plenty of habitat for the swans. Trumpeter swans are the largest waterfowl in North America. Each bird can grow to 5 feet in length and can have a wingspan near 7 feet long. Unlike other swan species, they have a black bill with no markings and aren't as loud as other species. (more)

Korean leaders, US open door to diplomacy in nuclear crisis
15 August 2017 - . . . both Koreas and the United States signaled their willingness to avert a deepening crisis, with each suggesting a path toward negotiations. South Korean President Moon Jae-in, meanwhile, a liberal who favors engagement with the North, urged North Korea to stop provocations and to commit to talks over its nuclear weapons program. (more)

US: Santa Fe Indian Market fuses tradition with contemporary art
14 August 2017 - For nearly a century, American Indian jewelers, potters, and other artists have been gathering in the heart of northern New Mexico to show off their creations at one of the nation's most prestigious art markets. The annual Santa Fe Indian Market begins Saturday [19 August] as organizers push ahead with raising the bar for showcasing what they say are the best examples of art that has evolved from centuries-old traditions. Events related to Native film, literature, and fashion are scheduled throughout the week leading up to the market. [The Associated Press tells readers] some more things to know. (more)

Gardening apps are getting better all the time
8 August 2017 - Gardening apps are getting better all the time, supplanting manuals and textbooks as the way people dig for information. Many university Extension services are developing the digital aids to extend outreach to clients. 'Extension apps provide reliable, research-based information,' said Christopher Enroth, an Extension educator with the University of Illinois, who evaluates gardening apps for their relevancy, customization, and ease of use. The word 'app' is short for application -- software designed for use on smart phones, tablets, and other mobile devices. (more)

Success of Maharishi's Programmes
Short Summaries of Top Stories

'If I had been doing TM all along, I would have been more calm and grounded'
20 August 2017 - 'Success is a journey, not a destination. I wish I had realized that sooner,' writes Michelle Henghold. 'More success usually equals more responsibility and when you don't have the tools to hit the reset button, toxic stress can take over your life.' As CEO of her husband's rapidly expanding surgical reconstruction practice, she watched as it 'sucked the life out of us. . . . I knew I needed to go inward more.' From her very first time practising Transcendental Meditation, she says, 'I went to a place that I had not been in many years. And there it was, waiting for me: peace.' She added, 'It's as natural and necessary as breathing and eating, and I will never not do it. . . . I believe that if I had been doing TM all along, I would have been more calm and grounded. I would have been able to fit in my family life and accomplish everything I wanted to do in a much more balanced way.' (more)

Invincible Defense Technology: Preventive defence to eliminate the ground for war and terrorism - Eurasia Review
18 August 2017 - To maintain its leadership in the world, the U.S. needs a new kind of 'disruptive technology' that not only challenges enemies, but completely disables them. By applying 'Invincible Defense Technology' - a human resource-based, non-lethal, non-destructive technology - militaries can prevent enemies from arising. IDT is inexpensive, scalable, and has proven effectiveness, as described in 18 peer-reviewed studies. The authors, led by Lt. Gen. Clarence E. McKnight Jr. (U.S. Army, Ret.), suggest organizing Prevention wings - large groups of military personnel practising the Transcendental Meditation technique and its advanced programmes. IDT groups have been shown to reduce social stress and promote positive changes indicated by reduced terrorism, crime rate, infant mortality, accidents, hospital admissions, etc. After such profound societal changes occur, the ground for war and terrorism is eliminated. (more)

Music DVD Review: Change Begins Within: A Benefit Concert for the David Lynch Foundation highlights Paul McCartney - Ringo Starr Beatles reunion
17 August 2017 - Yes! Finally, the 2009 Change Begins Within: A Benefit Concert for the David Lynch Foundation arrives on DVD via Eagle Rock Entertainment on 1 September 2017. The show was a benefit to provide Transcendental Meditation as an all-natural way to help at-risk kids. This 86-minute programme of highlights from the full concert features Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Cheryl Crow, Donovan, Eddie Vedder, Moby, Bettye LaVette, Jerry Seinfeld, and others. Paul and Ringo make up the lion's share of the running time. And they even perform together, the concert's highlight! (more)

Veteran plants the seeds of a dream in the new MUM Regenerative Organic Agriculture Program
15 August 2017 - US military veteran Kyle Amsberry was introduced to Transcendental Meditation (TM) and its beneficial effects on combat veterans while serving his country. He soon learned about Maharishi University of Management (MUM) and was drawn to the idea of studying Sustainable Living while also working toward becoming a TM Teacher. Enrolling in the new MUM Regenerative Organic Agriculture programme, Kyle worked for weeks on a business plan to open a TM Retreat and Education Center for Veterans that included a working organic farm in southern California. 'Right now it's just an idea and a dream', he said, 'but through the Regenerative Organic Agriculture programme, I know I can make it a reality. The networking opportunities and possibilities are endless in this programme and at this university.' (more)

Seven amazing benefits of Transcendental Meditation: Self Thrive reports
14 August 2017 - Transcendental Meditation, often referred to as simply TM, or the TM technique, is practised by millions of people throughout the world, reports the publication Self Thrive. Derived from the ancient Indian Vedic tradition, the technique was brought to the USA in the 1960s by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Noting that over 380 peer-reviewed studies on the technique have been published in over 160 scientific journals, the article outlines some of the many benefits practising TM can bring to the individual, including stress relief, improved cardiovascular health, increased work productivity, and better quality of life. 'It seems that there's little doubt that Transcendental Meditation really can have a positive impact on our lives.' (more)

US: First annual conference, Enlightened Buildings and Communities - 8-10 September, Florida
12 August 2017 - Maharishi Vastu Architecture announces the first annual conference, 'Enlightened Buildings and Communities' - in Orlando, Florida, in September - for builders, developers, real estate professionals and anyone who would like to be involved in creating built environments that foster healthy lifestyles and enlightened living. Leading experts on Maharishi Vastu architecture and communities will address how the timeless knowledge of design/build maintained in the Vedic tradition is the key element to establishing a truly sustainable and life-enriching environment for communities and those who live in them. Highly experienced real estate developers and builders will discuss their experiences with Maharishi Vastu construction, and experts in the areas of healthy building certification will present recent technological advances and how they contribute to a holistic design system for the 21st century. (more)

David Lynch Foundation offering summer TM courses through 31 August - the Hamptons, New York
9 August 2017 - This summer the David Lynch Foundation (DLF) in the USA is offering a special series of courses to learn Transcendental Meditation in the Hamptons, New York, through 31 August. The Hamptons are a group of villages and towns that form a popular seaside resort near the eastern end of Long Island. In addition to its philanthropic work bringing the stress-reducing Transcendental Meditation technique to thousands of underserved children and adults around the world, DLF also teaches TM to leaders of society in many fields including business, healthcare, media, and the arts, and has offered summer courses in the Hamptons for several years. (more)

Beach Boys' Mike Love on tour: 'Transcendental Meditation is the one thing I take with me everywhere'
8 August 2017 - Since the band's founding in 1961, the Beach Boys have taken their unique sound around the world, including this year's nationally televised 4 July celebration on the steps of the US Capitol in Washington, DC. In a recent interview, original band member Mike Love was asked, 'Is there anything that you always make sure to have with you that makes life easier when you're on the road?' He replied, 'Well, the one thing I do that keeps me energized and positive is that I meditate. I do Transcendental Meditation, which I learned from Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in December of 1967. . . . meditation is great because it has no negative side effects. So that's the one thing I take with me everywhere - it's portable!' (more)

Maharishi University of Management art students enjoy success in graduate school
6 August 2017 - As a mark of success of the undergraduate art major, many students at Maharishi University of Management (MUM) have enjoyed success in graduate school, including MFA programmes at top art schools such as Cranbrook Academy of Art and the Chicago Art Institute. Many have received grants and scholarships. MUM's BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) provides a more rigorous schedule of courses than the BA, perfect for students who want to hone their skills for grad school or a high-level art career. MUM students get in touch with their deepest self, the source of all creative inspiration, through daily practice of Transcendental Meditation, which research has shown lowers stress, heightens clear thinking, and enhances creativity. (more)

Transcendental Meditation and fame: Five famous practitioners
4 August 2017 - 'I believe that there is a reason why so many celebrities practise Transcendental Meditation,' writes renowned psychiatrist, researcher, and author Norman Rosenthal, M.D. 'They are highly successful and ambitious people, who want to function at their best as much as possible.' Dr Rosenthal is the author of Super Mind: How to Boost Performance and Live a Richer and Happier Life Through Transcendental Meditation. 'To illustrate how TM not only reduces stress, but also expands a person's mental abilities', Dr Rosenthal draws from his interviews with 'five famous TM practitioners - classical guitarist Sharon Isbin, radio host Howard Stern, principal ballet dancer Megan Fairchild, legendary hedge fund founder Ray Dalio, and actor Hugh Jackman - to explore the role TM plays in their lives and the many gifts they feel they've derived from the practice. (more)

Short Summaries of Top Stories

US: Twenty-eight states make it illegal for counties and cities to pass seed laws
18 August 2017 - More than two dozen state legislatures have passed 'seed-preemption laws' designed to block counties and cities from adopting their own rules on the use of seeds, including bans on GMOs. ... Nearly every seed-preemption law in the country borrows language from a 2013 model bill drafted by the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). The council is 'a pay-to-play operation where corporations buy a seat and a vote on 'task forces' to advance their legislative wish lists,' essentially 'voting as equals' with state legislators on bills, according to The Center for Media and Democracy. ALEC's corporate members include the Koch brothers as well as some of the largest seed-chemical companies -- Monsanto, Bayer, and DuPont -- which want to make sure GMO bans, like those enacted in Jackson County, Oregon, and Boulder County, Colorado, don't become a trend. (more)

US teen drug overdose deaths inch up after years of decline
16 August 2017 - After years of decline, teen deaths from drug overdoses have inched up, a new U.S. government report shows. The drop in teen deaths had been a rare bright spot in the opioid epidemic that has seen adult overdose deaths surge year after year . . . It's not clear why teen overdose deaths increased in 2015 or whether the trend will continue, said lead researcher Sally Curtin of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. (more)

US: Flimsy evidence behind many FDA approvals
15 August 2017 - Many drugs granted accelerated approval by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) lack clear evidence of safety and effectiveness, and the same is true for most high-risk medical devices, according to two new reports in the Journal of the American Medical Association. (more)

Science Says: Fast-melting Arctic sign of bad global warming (+ AP video)
14 August 2017 - One of the coldest places on Earth is so hot it's melting. Glaciers, sea ice, and a massive ice sheet in the Arctic are thawing from toasty air above and warm water below. The northern polar region is heating up twice as fast as the rest of the planet and that's setting off alarm bells. Earth is getting hotter because of the buildup of heat-trapping gases spewed into the air by the burning of coal, oil and natural gas, according to decades of peer-reviewed research. Scientists have long predicted the Arctic would warm first and faster than the rest of the globe. Real-time measurements are proving them right. (more)

Marijuana use holds three-fold blood pressure death risk: study
9 August 2017 - People who smoke marijuana have a three times greater risk of dying from hypertension, or high blood pressure, than those who have never used the drug, scientists said on Wednesday (9 August). The risk grows with every year of use, they said. 'Support for liberal marijuana use is partly due to claims that it is beneficial and possibly not harmful to health,' said Barbara Yankey, who co-led the research at the school of public health at Georgia State University in the United States. 'Despite the widely held view that cannabis is benign, this research adds to previous work suggesting otherwise,' said Ian Hamilton, a lecturer in mental health at Britain's York University. (more)

Risky drinking habits on the rise among U.S. adults: study
9 August 2017 - High-risk drinking among U.S. adults increased about 30 percent between 2001-2002 and 2012-2013, according to a new study that called the proportion Americans developing alcohol dependence a 'public health crisis.' U.S. adults with an alcohol use disorder, defined as a dependence on alcohol, also increased nearly 50 percent during the period studied, researchers found. Increases in drinking were greatest among women, older adults, racial and ethnic minorities, and people with low education and income levels, the study found. (more)

Toxic waste from U.S. pot farms alarms experts
6 August 2017 - Pollution from illegal marijuana farms deep in California's national forests is far worse than previously thought, and has turned thousands of acres into waste dumps so toxic that simply touching plants has landed law enforcement officers in the hospital. Growers use fertilizers and pesticides long restricted or banned in the United States, including carbofuran and zinc phosphide. In previous years, it was commonly sold fertilizers and pesticides that were used illegally, law enforcement officials said. Use of any chemicals in national forests is against federal law, as pesticides have killed sensitive species and fertilizers can cause algae blooms and bacteria problems in rivers and streams. (more)

US: Entrenched poverty tough to shake in the Mississippi Delta
6 August 2017 - Persistent poverty shapes daily existence in this expanse of agricultural flatland that gave birth to the blues [the Mississippi Delta]. Jobs are scarce. Schools struggle for funding. Tens of thousands of families receive government food aid and health insurance. Fifty years ago, Democratic Senators Robert F. Kennedy of New York and Joe Clark of Pennsylvania toured the Delta and saw ramshackle houses and starving children. Although opportunities have improved in the past 50 years, the Delta remains one of the most deprived regions in the U.S. The national poverty rate is about 15 percent; it's 22 percent for Mississippi. In most Delta counties, it's 30 to 40 percent. (more)

US: Research in Hawaii links beehives, pesticides
6 August 2017 - Another study looking at pesticides in beehives is underway in Hawaii. And results are showing a connection between agriculture-dense areas and an increase in the chemical glyphosate -- the active ingredient in Roundup -- in honey. Concentration within the samples that tested positive was an average of 80 parts per billion -- ranging from zero to 330 parts per billion. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration hasn't set a tolerance limit for glyphosate. In the European Union, the tolerance level is 50 parts per billion. ... The purpose of the study is to monitor the migration of pesticides from their point of introduction, and relationships between urban development, golf courses, and industrial areas were also analyzed. (more)

Typical adults eat enough salt to damage heart
2 August 2017 - The amount of salt a typical American adult consumes each day may be enough to damage the heart muscle and make it harder to pump blood, a U.S. study suggests. Compared with adults who ate less sodium, people who consumed more than 3.7 grams of sodium a day were more likely to have enlargement in the left chambers of the heart that are responsible for pumping oxygen-rich blood into the body. They were also more likely to have signs of muscle strain in the heart that can precede structural damage. (more)


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